This year, thanks to Nina and Troels, friends from Bissamcuttack, all our christmas decorations were hand-made! We had a christmas dinner their place – and learnt danish carols, and how to make christmas hearts! They have a family tradition where everyone sits together to make new decorations each year – what a fun idea! Sandhya and me made chains of christmas trees, holly and diyas, as well as the hearts – danish ones are red and white! but we used every colour we could get!
I wish more people would make their decorations instead of buying them from stores – you can recycle paper, last years cards and make really bright and pretty things to hang on a tree or around the house! and they make very thoughtful gifts as well. Hopefully sandhya and me will get organised and make some candles before the new year! :)


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  1. Great decorations Shikha!happy new year!

  2. hey Shix, you should teach me some time – Im horrible at handwork – but hey – if its anything like riding a bike – im sure i will be good at it!! ;)Happy New Year

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