Amma and me started to watch “Father, Son and the Holy war” by Anand Patwardhan. We got through only one cd, but even that was so thought-provoking. the film begins with the Mumbai riots, and delves into the issues of communal hatred and violence. interestingly, this sort of flows into a reflection on how women are treated by religion and religious institutions. how mother goddess, mother nature and other manifestations of the female form which bore life were replaced by male-centred phallic worship, the female being subdued by the male, the husband.
What struck me most, listening to all the examples he used, was how men are unthinkingly and subconciously brainwashed into gendered thinking, and how women UNTHINKINGLY accept and progagate the same. why is that we cant THINK for ourselves? isnt that what some claim makes us ‘different’ from all other living beings – that great ability to think and reason? sadly none of us seem to use that facility. i wonder what the world would be like if we did?
Do watch the film – it raises lots of issues that are hardly thought about, let alone spoken of or discussed. they need to be spoken about, decried and de-normalised.


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