One good habit i picked up when in London was listening to BBC radio. I actually miss it when i’m in Bissamcuttack! BBC7 is currently running the story of Jean Valjean, in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables – sadly i’ll probably only be able to catch the first few episodes. Les Mis is one of my favourite musicals as well. i remember tripti telling me the whole story in great detail years ago, after she watched it in the west end. and then watching it at Palace theatre (esp since shaftsbury ave was just down the road from me!!) i dont think i’ll ever forget the revolution of the students or the scenes in the sewers under Paris. or Javerts suicide as he jumps off a bridge into the river Seine, which is another brillliantly stunning scene. Interestingly, I first heard of Victor Hugo when i was ten. we had a lesson in our English textbook at school which was the story of ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’. I guess i was a little disappointed when the story that epitomised Les Mis for me actually took up not more than ONE minute at the beginning of the show and the Bishop was most certainly not the hero! :) well…one lives and learns.Speaking of Bishops, my grandmother’s brother is one of that species. and i must admit that he is a real live hero! hes eighty seven years old and travels around the world on his own, preaching, teaching and more. I’d be totally satisfied if I could do about half the things he does at that age!! Does he have silver candle sticks in his house in the linear town that is Kerala? i wonder…
heres a snap of him with his sisters and brother (taken on ammachi’s 80th Birthday in Nov 2005) Posted by Picasa


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  1. I remember you as a little girl. I have been in your house as part of a group of post-confirmands of St John’s Church practising for leading the Youth Service, etc. Give my love to your parents. All the best to you too. I blog too – – my maiden surname was Sigamany.

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