These are some snaps taken at Priya’s place on Marylebone High Street. We all went to Sameers place after that to meet dilip’s friends from lse days. Gauri i had met before, but it was really nice to see the rest and put faces to the names. Have to ask Prasant for snaps of the evening. It was good to see Priya after a while. lots has been happening in both our lives and it was good to catch up. She took us out to a really nice Thai place on sunday night. Busaba, which is just down the road is sort of a thai-wagamama canteen-type place with really nice. Even i tried the calamari, which for a non-fish connoisseur like me, was really something! We were rather late and they were in a rush to close tho, and kept reminding us by ringing a beautiful old gong! we also watched Guess Who?, a nice film, sort of the reverse of Guess who’s coming to dinner? I had wanted to go to Lalibela, which is my favourite place in the whole of london (apart from Food for Thought). next time i guess! Oh! and we saw Shyama briefly as well!! which was really good. more later on stratford-upon-avon as well. Parents and aunty joyce are going there tomorrow! and to watch the Lion King as well at the Lyceum! i hope appa takes them through the lse :)
Oh…and of course, my bejewelled feet deserve a picture…sadly i forgot about them…and gill’s awesome GREEN sandals are now at Gauri’s place! but apparently i have reserved the right to claim them back at any time! Posted by Picasa


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