Bus Stop Encounters

By which I dont really mean meeting people at bus stands. Yesterday, I was minding my own business in the bus, when it pulled over to stop for lunch. There was a Kerala state bus parked outside the restaurant, and lo and behold, who do I see inside the bus? Nishi! So I yelled and waved, and realised she couldnt actually hear me through my fancy buses sealed windows. But the frantic waving caught her attention. I was the first off my bus, impatiently glaring at the driver as he slowly opened the automatic doors. Not really a chance encounter, since I knew she’d be heading in the opposite direction from me. But still enough to make me laugh at the joy an unexpected meeting brings.Bus stop encounters

Of course, we offered each other hide and seek biscuits, and ate hers since they were in her hand, mine buried in my bag. We wandered off to find an appropriate tree to hide behind. But her bus conductor decided to clamber back into the bus just then. So we postponed the botanical survey, and rushed back to the bus.

This short interlude got me smiling, and in a short while, the hills and forests were comfortingly around. Though I’m more and more  shocked at how lantana camera really is taking over the forests! Will save that story for another time.


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