Music alone shall live!

I came home on the morning of Divya’s grandfather’s funeral. I haven’t seen Divya in over seven years! Dhruva I see more often though. He missed the service in the chapel of hope, the open piano looked extra forlorn in the corner. I sang parts as loudly as I could to make up. Sesh uncle talked about how lucky the kids were to have had both sets of grandparents living with them, to be able to imbibe values from, to be spoilt by! Later, Amma and me went to Divya’s house, where the final death ceremonies were just beginning. Sesh uncle was chanting shloka’s under the priests guidance. Dhruva made a brief appearance in his waishti and poonal. Patti was bravely sitting at the side.

Thatha decided he wanted to give his body to the Anatomy Department. Appa has always said that this is what he would like. For the cause of science! We drove in the ambulance to the back of Anatomy – Tripti, Ivan and others were ready to embalm his body.

Later in the evening, Dhruva came home. The piano was open and ready for him! We sang a few songs with amma, in rounds – Tallis canon, Dona Nobis, I love the mountains! Some songs from amma’s student days – little boxes, rebel, is a dollar a lot of money? And some Simon & Garfunkel – bridge over troubled waters their nicest piano song! Having moved out of our comfy cmcvellore zone, Dhruva and me have actually expanded our repertoires and sang a few hindi songs! (All with harmonies or guitar! so maybe we havent actually stretched ourselves too far!) He played Schubert’s Last Piano Sonata, the 20 minute first movement. What can be better than having a concert in your living room?! Appa had come home by then, and ammachi was soon listening too. To wind up a beautiful evening, we sang the Lord’s My Shepherd and Great is thy Faithfulness, the two hymns that Dhruva missed this morning at Thatha’s service. Thanks Dhruva for your many blessing and may Thatha’s soul rest in peace!


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