Gayu Feasts

Gayathri came to visit – and of course we watched some Nigella and made chocolate chip cookies (though since we used white sugar instead of brown, they were terribly sweet, and amma’s date and nut biscuits were much nicer!). We ventured into the chineese-y realm with stir fry veggies, fried rice and manchurian (gopi, of course! and Harsh for cutting help). Pooris for breakfast, and many thorans for lunch. Ammachi & Sosa had me making jams – mango, pineapple and banana (palayankodan). Aditi, however, thinks that soapy ducks are much more tasty.

Back in Gudalur, Gayu helped Dilip make pizza (no mushrooms, Gauri farms was all sold out, so they used soya instead, which tasted much better than it sounds). And the next evening was ammachi’s veg kurma. And of course, Anna koch’s endless coffees, Rajan annas teas, unniappam and ulli vada!

So cant really blame Gayu for all the feasting!

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