Ammachi had a cataract surgery on Wednesday. Shes back home and already says she can see better, through the egg-shaped eye-protector! She needs eye drops every hour, and every 6 hours and 12 hours (which is fine, until you reach midnight!). She’s amazed by the concept of the mobile repeat alarm – somewhat simpler than the clock one. Its also nice to think that she’s now got a brand new (non-cloudy) lens from Aravind – made by Pavi’s dad :-)

All the to-ing & fro-ing from Schell hospital had me singing Cloudy by my favourites Paul Simon & Art Garfunkle (dont miss the many puns since the weather has been all cloudy as well!):

My thoughts are scattered and they’re cloudy

They have no borders, no boundaries.

They echo & they swell

from Tolstoy to Tinkerbell…

Sandy wanted cookies, so I made cupcakes with royal icing (they look amazing, but are so sweet my teeth hurt. Hopefully sandy eats more calicum & brushes better than  I do!) and chocolate chip cookies.

Appa bought some palak yesterday, and I’m taking out the spaetzle finally – thanks Julia & Dorte. I dont think it’ll be particularly swabian, but improvisations are allowed especially when I have only amul cheese! More about spaetzle and of course the ATP later since now, the phone alarm has gone off. It’s time for eye drops – pred forte here we come…


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