Today I saw a real sparkling raindrop. Or actually it was a dew drop. Sitting at the window in Johnny & Mercy’s house in Bissamcuttack, I was reading some of Tagores poems, when a flash of gold outside the window caught my eye. We live upstairs now, and theres a coconut tree outside near the gate. Its fronds sweep across the path and onto our side of the building. There was a tiny drop of dew, glistening from the end of one of the leaves of the frond. It had caught the first rays of sunlight as they broke though the dawn, and for about half a minute, the little drop of water sparkled and danced, a golden star twinkling at the end of a coconut leaf! And as quickly as it had come, the angle of the sunray changed and the sparkling drop was gone.

So much like life, I thought. Some times I feel ordinary, just a drop of water hanging on for dear life, waiting to fall to the depths below. But with the sun’s light and the right viewing point,  sometimes I feel like a sparkling raindrop, dancing and glittering in the breeze.



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