Another special Birthday!

A few quick glimpses of Anuja’s birthday! We had a relaxed day, went shopping for veggies in town, baked a veg mousaka (definitely better with beef juices), Moroccan orange cake (which in Mercy’s super fast oven was burned on the top and undercooked at the bottom. Don’t ask how we managed to rescue it, but we did!) and an apple crumble (Mr. Oliver how do you expect ordinary human beings to know how much 35g of flour or oats is?! No oats here though, and we used Mercy’s measures of 10g per heaped spoon – dessert spoon i think?!)

We tried to keep dinner a surprise. But Anuja’s pretty astute, and the combination of Dina didi and Bimal let it slip anyway. So she had to pretend to be surprised. The gang put on a magic show of producing bouquets and flowers for about 5 mins, from all kinds of unmentionable places on their persons! We didnt have a camera, but Kishan used the webcam in a host of interesting angles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anuja – here’s to having a wonderful wonderful year ahead! May all your wishes & dreams come true in magical & mysterious ways. God bless!!


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