Saturday was a long & busy day. Pranhita and me were up and off to Mitra by 7.15am, and set out with Madhab agya, Stella, Bimal & Prabhakar to Sindhiponga for a malaria malnutrition camp (if you are interested in more about Mal-Mal mail for more info). We picked up the girls from Dakulguda and set up camp. 15 children were weighted, health checkup-ed, medicined (mainly for worms and anaemia), and poked for a malaria blood slide. Mitra has found that in this part of Orissa, mal-nutrition is more often due to chronic malaria positivity than due to any lack of food.

Our return trip included a surprise brunch stop at Madhab agya’s new home and then back to Bissamcuttack for the rest of the gang. Then we set out to MrsK. Picked up the nurses from Kachapaju. Back to Dakulguda for the others (only 14 in the bolero by now) and even though it was beginning to get dark, we adventurously headed out to Chattikona for coffee and samosas. JCO came back home in time for soup and dinner, so we chatted till pretty late. Here are some snaps to remember the trip by! Photo credits: Pranhita!

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