Here comes the SUN!

This is my first post for 2012. I had actually started it a few days ago, but then took off to Palamaner. We stayed at the St.Louis Friary for new year with a wonderful bunch of people (sounds a bit irreverent since they were all Franciscan fathers and brothers. And they deserve a post all to themselves!).

Aditi & Tripti came to spend the day at home. A-di-ta (as she calls herself now) is waddling along, sometimes like a drunken sailor, but definitely independently! All on her own two feet. Today, she attacked Maria’s Japanese bell (which has been hanging in the living room for the last 10 years or more. Maria – the thread finally broke but the slightly repaired paper pendulum, which says apparently says nice things about me in Japanese, is still mostly in one piece!) and to distract her, amma gave her the newspaper. Aung Sang Sui Kyi was on the front page, so Aditi’s definitely starting well and early! If you look carefully at the background of the photo, you can see amma’s purple tea towel, a gift from another amazing woman, Gil which says

A woman’s place is in the house

Of Bishops

Appa came home for lunch since it was Saturday, and blew pril soap bubbles for Aditi using a scissors handle for a frame. We walked with her round the house, and he tried to interest her in tree-climbing. I think she much preferred picking up stones and mud.

The sunflowers I brought back from my visit to the ATP in May have begun to flower. Some were from the Wurtzburg market (with Petra, waiting for Mattias to pick us up) and the rest from the Kirchentag, little green packets that came with the beautiful terracotta communion cups for Annakoch and Stan! Sunflowers leave such cheery images and I remember seeing Van Gogh’s painting at the National Gallery, with Lena many years ago. I saw Lena, Gerald and their daughter, Marca who could almost be Aditi’s twin, in Germany on the same trip – amazing how things come around.

So, as the Beatles might say, here comes a SUNflowery and SUNshiny New Year!!

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