Darling Dosas

We took ammachi for the Dosa Mela at Darling Residency. As usual, the food was amazing. The last time I had their dosas was at amma’s 60th birthday, when they made dosas in the garden at home! They had packed up their gas stove, huge tava, dosa mavu and broom, when Tripti, Santo and Aditi landed up! (Yes, my only guests and I had forgotten about them and wound up dinner!)

So this time, it was private garden party dinner times a thousand. We parked outside, as the Mela was being held in the parking lot. The entry fee was Rs100/- per head. You got a coupon, which you handed in for a big plate, and tiny tissue. After that it was a free for all, eat-as-much-as-you-can show. There were stalls on 3 sides, and a square of 25 chutneys in the middle. We managed to scrounge a few chairs, and settled ammachi down under the trees and star lit sky.

Chutney Chart!

First we hit the keema dosas, paneer and babycorn and cauliflower masala were next door. Also pesarittu and uthappams. There were rajma dosas, egg and omlette dosas, curd/sambar/rasam dosas. The longest queues were for the dates rava dosa, cashewnut dosa. There were dried fruits dosas, mango thokku dosa. And the chutneys! The crowning glory was the Veg Meen curry – only darling could come up with such a concept! (I think it was the fish pulli that made it taste ‘fishy’!).

The darling crowd was as efficient as ever. How they managed in the heat with the cylinders and stoves is beyond me. They were all dressed for the occasion with white shirts, black waistcoats and plastic gloves. The cleaning of the stoves with water and brooms spiced up the show with sound and light effects!

We reached just as the crowd was getting started. By the time we left, the queues were impossibly long, and they had stopped giving out plates at the entrance. Stuffed to our toes with dosa, we ended the evening with Maharani icecream from their factory on Arni road.

Well done Darling, on your Dosa Mela – its a great idea. Though my favourite is still the classic masala, which you can get on every other day of the year.


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