For Renu aunty

Renu aunty is someone I really admire. She’s so full of life and is always questioning and learning. She went back to studying when her little boy was in school – and is now an expert at both opthalmology and physiology! Now since she’s off for a year teaching aussie med students – Renu aunty, this one is for you. Your family is being taken care of here :)

Regab twins

It was appa’s birthday. We had watermelon juice (supposed to be granita, but in vellore temperatures it was more like juice) served in the carved up watermelon (and I forgot the camera until much later). Amma made her amazing fried naans, Sosa had a really chocolatey cake with stars (and no stripes).

Happy Birthday Reena & Appa

Appa got a lovely scrap book – made by Dolly akka and family – full of nice pictures, memories and messages! But the crowning glory was his card from the transport department (I must explain that even though many doctors and students have no clue who he is walking along the corridors, the security guards and the drivers all give him a smile or salute!).

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