Appa’s brought a whole bunch of carrots the other day, so we fished out amma’s old bangalore YWCA cookbook for the carrot cake recipe. There were two but I wanted the one with jaggery. And with a cream cheese (sort of) icing, it turned out pretty well!

The carats and caroling – it was Dhruva and Dulari’s wedding, so there was a total lack of carats (which in this day and age is phenomenal! Interestingly, there have been raids on some of the gold megamart mafia. High time. Thanks to the golden temple, Vellore has branches of all the major kerala gold brands. So if you want a breastplate of gold and you don’t live in Kerala, this is the place to be!) So Dhruva and Dulari’s was my first Arya Samaj wedding – simple, a little bit of fun and counseling by the priest and it was all done.He mixed ‘vellore water’ and ‘pune water’ – and then asked Dhruva to separate it out! He also had them transplanting their hearts into each other, and said that it wasnt ‘kanyadhanam’ but like it should be in all spheres of life (his weak example was reservation in parliament) 50% from both of them and the joining of their families.

The caroling – ok it wasnt really carols, but with Divya and Dhruva, there’s always music!! So we had a good deal of that. Divya’s little one is definitely going to be a star like her :)

As ever, my parents have a house full and overflowing – aunty Vrinda, Tarun da, so Aruna and Bobby machan have gone to spend the night at Anands. Nalini aunty and Akshay are also in here, safely ensconced in the A ward! So we had a little more music with Runa. She’s inspired me to get my recipes page active again. And thanks to Bobby machan, we’re getting a House building page up too. Of course, theres absolutely no consensus on a name, so we’re swinging from Shantivanam to SohCahToa (which is the acronym for trig functions – thanks Sal!)


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