Carrot & Jaggery cake

Here’s the recipe for Carrot cake – from the YWCA recipe book, and modified cream cheese icing from Grate 2 cups of carrot (ie 3 medium sized ones). Sieve 1cup maida and 1cup atta, with 1tsp baking powder and 1tsp baking soda. Add a pinch of salt, and 1 heaped tsp of powdered cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg (I like nutmeg, so put in more of that. Cloves make it spicy and the cinnamon makes it tangy, so add more of whichever you prefer. I made an approximation and whizzed it all in the mixie). Soak 1cup powdered jaggery in 1cup oil (any is fine, I used sunflower) and try to get it as lump free as possible (the original recipe has 1cup of sugar as well, but I left it out and its not really needed at all). Add this to the dry ingredients. Mix in the carrot and add in a beaten egg. Bake at 180c for 30mins. Enjoy the wonderful spicy smells that will waft through the house!

Icing: I dont know if you can get cream cheese, so substituted with hung curd. The process is much easier than it sounds. Before starting on the carrots, pour the curd (I used leftover of about 75g but the more the tastier) into a men’s hankie and give it a bit of a squeeze. Then tie it up to drip over the sink. Once the cake is baking in the oven, and curd has formed a panner-like ball, cream it up in a bowl with a spoon. Add 1cup of powdered sugar (more if you’ve got lots of curd) and mix till it coats the spoon thickly but still drips. Grate in some lemon rind, a few drops of lemon juice if you like a sour-y tang and your ready to ice the cake. Let it cool fully, and add on a thick layer of icing. Garnish with grated nutmeg. If its possible to hide the cake from your family and friends, it tastes better the next day!

Carrot cake with Jaggery


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