Raspberry Pink!

Tuesday was Nitish’s birthday. He lives in New York now, so no chance of giving him a really birthday hug. But I had a date with Nisha & Steve, and we went one step better – we celebrated with college store icecreams!! Steve was very keen on raspberry duet. There’s a very friendly man at the Amul store, who said he had only mango duet. Steve looked so disappointed at this, that Mr.icecream changed his mind, and said he HAD raspberry duet but ‘finish illai’. “What?” we asked. “Finish illai ma”. This exchange went back and forth a few times. We spent sometime trying to figure this mysterious statement. What is the finish of an icecream? The taste, the colour, the texture, the shape or size? Finally, he decided we must be among the world’s slowest folks – so he fished out a whole boxful of raspberry duets (Amul spells it duetz!) from his freezer. And then of course the penny dropped – the raspberry duets had all melted somewhere along their supply chain, and the sticks had disappeared into the ice cream. “No finish. So you take Mango Duetz” he persisted.

Now, with 20 raspberry duetz in their shocking pink covers staring at us from the counter, Steve jumped into action. We trawled through two layers and manage to find 3 ice creams that had some sort of ‘finish’ and sticks in the right place! So Nith, in honour of your birthday – we ‘finished’ off our raspberry duetz in style!

Steve with raspberry duet

(ps. I usually swear by Amul icecream – the co-op, the flavours are all completely to my taste. However with regard to raspberry duetz – I think I have to abandon my staunch Amul supporter status and agree with Steve that Arun icecream raspberry duet is much nicer – simply because they are very kanjoose with the vanilla and have generous amount of sweet, coloured ice around it. If you’ve never had a ‘duet’ before, its a heart of vanilla icecream coated with a crunchy layer of flavoured ice. And the more ice the better! The enjoyment is directly proportional to the degree of colour your tongue is stained with by the ice :)


Raspberry Duetz!


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