What a Star!

There was a young lady called Stella

Who always smelled of vanilla

Now her secret is out

For without a doubt

It’s her bright blue bottle of magnesia!

Nurse on Duty: making unsuspecting kids laugh before she gives them a poke!

Stella didi is a little bundle of energy and fun. If I ever need a nurse around me, she’d be in my ‘top 5’. She’s leaving to do a masters and I will really miss her here. Johnny keeps wondering if she’s joining as a student or as a teacher!? I’m sure she’ll be spreading the “mal-mal” gospel wherever she is. Good luck as you start a new journey, didi, and may our paths cross again soon!

Laughter & rolling eyes when Stella’s in full flow – at MrsK lunchtime

Sitting pretty on their thrones: an embarrassed Swasthay Sevika ma chats with Stella

Ps. Photos courtesy Pranhita in 2011. My limerick writing skills are a bit rusty, but she’s the one person I’ve converted to milk of magnesia as a ‘non-aluminum’ deodorant. Anuja inspired me to make the switch, and it turns out her family were convinced by their local doc, Shalini’s dad! What a small world.


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