Do you like butter?

I saw a keelback today, basking on the warm cement path of our building. It stopped me in my tracks. The effect on the snake was the opposite, and it turned tail and zipped away to safety under the Mathew’s hedge. I watched it lying in the shade, waiting for the huge thing that had disturbed it to move off so it could go back to sunning itself. It’s long stripes and yellow chin were beautiful, and it looked almost green-ish in the dappled morning light. Feels good to know that it’s keeping the toad and frog population under control.

               Buff striped keelback

I first saw a keelback close up at one of Madhu    ‘s snake rescues, when there were seven of them! He managed to get 3 and release them into the forest. Their scales are rough or ‘keeled’ and they are non-venonous, like grass snakes. Their yellow chins remind me of Enid Blyton’s Jinky nature stories – put a buttercup under your chin and if it reflects yellow – you like butter!! So perhaps keelbacks like butter! Do you?



Comments on: "Do you like butter?" (2)

  1. nice shikha. I was a butter lover in my youth. Still am I guess, but cannot indulge anymore like I used to!!

    • Me too. We don’t get Amul here much, but Ashita found a 100g packet yesterday. It’s almost all gone now – we had it with bread and omlettes and then corn and lime!

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