So the title of today’s post is a bit misleading. Mothers are the most wonderful people in the world, and I could wax eloquent about many amazing mothers I know. But today we’re dealing with another kind of MOM or Milk Of Magnesia. It’s a common antacid/ laxative type drink and in India, popularised by a Calcutta-based family-owned company called Dey’s on Bondel Road. They have a characteristic translucent bright blue bottle. And don’t miss the ‘ice cream flavoured’!! At first I assumed they meant vanilla. What else could icecream flavour mean? But no, it’s not vanilla, it really is ice cream flavoured – a sweet, cold, ice creamy fragrance!

Milk of Magnesia

Milk of Magnesia

For the last year, I’ve had a one of these blue beauties on my bathroom shelf. And I can’t tell you how it tastes or what wonders it does for gas or heartburn or other bathroom related problems. Because I don’t injest the stuff, it’s my underarm deodorant! And yes, you read that correctly. Or roll-on deo one might say, just to make certain. And it smells quite nice and works just fine.

BO troubles

I was converted by my family in Bangalore who all use MOM (and incidentally, they picked it up from S Chico’s dad! What a small small world.) It seems rather weird at first, but when you think about it, the advantages are endless.

It’s non-aluminium based, which is good for your skin. I also happen to live in a district that contains 12% of the world’s bauxite reserves. And it’s all under the beautiful Niyamgiris. So using a non-aluminium bsaed product takes on a whole different dimension.

It’s not in a spray can, so you’re not leaving CFC prints.

It lasts for ages – it’s taken me well over 6 months to finish a bottle this size.

It’s less than half the cost of a fancy branded deodorant.

It’s made in India, by an Indian company, so your money will stay within our economy and not leak out to big, rich MNCs.

And most importantly, it works effectively and leaves you smelling nice (and even a little ice creamy… Try it and see!

It’s not all picture perfect though, and the few dis-advantages are the white isn’t invisible so not so nice if you’re in a sleeveless top, it sometimes rubs off onto your clothes (it’s water soluble, but still… white lines on the armpits of a black top are not a pleasant sight!) and since it’s made to be edible, it’s not so easy to pour out of the bottle. Still, despite all these, I’m pretty hooked.

PS. In case you’d like to go the MOM way, here are a few tips. Leave the bottle to stand for a couple of days. Open and pour out the watery layer on top. You can then use the thick white part as deodorant. The narrow neck of the bottle can be a little challenging initially, but you get used to it. I suggest the opposite of the usual instructions to ‘Shake well before use’. Shake well after use so next time, it’ll be easier to get it out of the narrow neck. You could perhaps re-fill a roll-on bottle. I’ve not gotten around to trying that yet – so do let me know if you do!


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  1. wow! am so glad I stumbled in here from blueproject. You have such amazing stories and talent. keep writing, am going to be a follower from now :)

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