Visiting the dentist has never been one of my favourite things. I wait until the last possible minute, until I just have to and can’t postpone it any longer. And then after all the psyching up to face the lion’s den, it usually turns out to be much more of a calm, peaceful affair. Dr R smiles gently, numbs the aching jaw and I close my eyes for some transcenDental meditation. My dad also had a tooth pulled out (don’t miss the origins of the procrastinating gene) this time. And R had us both done in under 45minutes! Quite amazing.

On the topic of teeth and brushing, I came across some interesting ‘tips’ to reduce waste, one of which was: ‘To get every last bit out of your tube of toothpaste, soak it in warm water for a minute and then squeeze all the residual paste out of the tube‘. I believe in waste not, want not. So I usually stretch my toothpastes out for as long as I can. I know some people cut the tube, which I do too for facewashes or conditioners, but with toothpaste I just squeeze really hard. So the soaking in warm water sounded like a good plan. I did that this morning, and yes, it worked great! So here I was feeling all happy and inventive about my efficient use of the toothpaste tube, of doing my bit to reduce waste, of reusing, recycling, of saving the planet. And just as I was beginning to float a gently into the clouds, with harps twanging in the background, a smart passing angel nudged my halo a little bit. D didi showed me her new broom.

New Coconut Leaf Broom

New Coconut Leaf Broom

She made one from coconut leaves (not the actual leaf, but the stiff mid-rib or vein). These are traditionally used in most parts of India (eirkilli chooll is what I grew up calling it) and didi used the coconut frond that fell down in the rain a few days ago. M gave her a brilliant idea, which totally eclipsed my effective emptying of the toothpaste tube.

Recycled Toothpaste Tube Broom Handle

Recycled Toothpaste Tube Broom Handle

They cut the ends of the tube, and stuck the broom through it!! So there you go – a sturdy, tight fitting handle for your broom. A wonderful way to recycle an old toothpaste tube. I’ve saved the one I just squeezed for the next broom, and am hoping the tree will drop another frond in the rain. The clouds were dark and threatening, but the winds blew them away into the hills. So in the meantime, I’ll have to be satisfied with more transcendental meditation.

Ps. And remember not to be fooled by the great toothpaste advertising people – you just need a pea-sized dot on your brush, not a long, hearty, curly-wurly squeeze that covers the entire brush!


Comments on: "TranscenDental meditation" (4)

  1. Ha ha! hilarious! I never thought that that’s where this story of the toothpaste tube would lead! Only in BC, eh.

  2. Tripti Jacob said:

    I think appa’s dentist would agree with you… he used to tell him that the most effective brushing is done without paste and a couple of swipes with a bit of paste at the end to kill the smell and yucky taste is all you need! Love the broom handle.

    • Apparently, colgate doubled their sales by increasing the width of their toothpaste tube necks, so more paste squirts out with each squeeze. Three cheers for your appa’s dentist! I’ve always been curious as to what toothpastes dentists actually use

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