One-fivehundred. Fifteen hundred. One thousand fivehundred. One-five-zero-zero. Which ever way you chose to say it, right now, this is my favourite number.

I found out about it after a long walk to the BSNL office in BC. It’s miles away from anywhere I normally go, so S n me walked down in the hot sun. We could see the mobile tower in the distance, we knew we were headed in the right direction. After trudging all the way across town, we found the gates closed. Not locked though, so we pushed our way in. There were actually 3 men and a dog, lounging about. So we got them off their chairs and complained about all the telephones that did not work (3). Their ‘JE’ was out of town, but they took us inside, into the heart of the telephone systems. Wires popping out of every nook and cranny. Towering shelves of flashing lights (servers, I assumed), power cables and cobwebs trailing everywhere. I wished I could bring the school kids to see all this. Not that I’d be able to find anyone to explain the workings of this machine to them.wires

Anyways, the story ends well, because sitting in the middle of junkyard of wires was V in a bright yellow t-shirt. Madam, he said, there’s no point in writing all these complaint letters. You call 1500. And so, sitting on the only clean corner of the office, I did. And voila! It worked. It works. I have now passed on this magic number to a plethora of people – all of whom have had great success. Atleast, in getting some response from BSNL, even if  the problem is not completely solved. Atleast you feel like the system is working. Or will work efficiently in the next decade ateast.

And you can call me now…my bsnl works!

ps. More Good news. The first gram sabha meetings are on in the Niyamgiris, and the people have voted against mining their hills in the name of ‘development’! Whose development?? 11 more panchayat meetings to go -May the force be with them!


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