Quelle Surprise!

Today we sang a beautiful poem by George Matheson. I had planned to share that in todays post but after chapel we had a surprise that has pushed Matheson out of my mind (till next time). I paid the  usual Sunday evening visit to R’s shop at the gate. He’d got a whole new stock of biscuits, all neatly piled up at the back of the shop. Sharp-eyed RM spotted some interesting little cartons hiding between the stacks of biscuits – and wonder of wonders – they said CROISSANTS!  So after we popped our eyes back into our heads, we bought one for every member of the family. At the princely sum of Rs10/- per croissant.

CroissantSo I rushed home, feeling all french and excited, shouting out all the French words I know, mostly songs, and announced the arrival of our French friends. We ceremoniously opened the first pack, punctuated with giggles from A, who of all of us, has actually spent the most time in France. The purple packs were pretty tightly sealed, so we struggled a bit and then suddenly out wafted the smell of Jayanthi Bakery Cream Buns. cros1There, we had Croissant Shaped buns, with a chocolate-ish filing. Don’t miss the symmetrical holes on the top – we decided the fake chocolate probably got in through those! Still, feeling fancy and french, we ate our ‘croissants’, until A read the fine print and had us all in splits. The croissants were made in Howrah district!! This week, we didn’t watch Cyrus Brocha, we had another CB keeping us entertained – Croissants by Bauli.

These things happen only in BC. For next week, R has saved us a whole box more. So if you drop by, we’ll surprise you with Orange flavoured croissants!


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  1. I read all your posts out to the DH and you have us both in splits! Only in BC! Next time you are here i’m treating you to a decadent buffet breakfast at the Novotel where they have, part from many other things, not one but 4 types of croissants! But being a foodie i’m very interested in the Bauli croissants – same me some!

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