Love Birds & Sharing

Over the last few weeks, I’ve knitting a hat for G. She got me the wool and the pattern, so here are some pics. Thanks to PenguinPurls for the pattern and for believing in the philosophy of sharing. My next project is toe socks using magic loop, and perhaps the lovely Japanese Tabi kind. They work well in winters here.

Oh, and I’ve also been watching Hustle, thanks to A, who is now back in college studying hard (or hardly?!) so another thanks to Charlie Mobbs for all the sharing on youtube! It’s a british series about a ‘family’ of grifters. Hopefully you had to stop right here, scratch your head and turn to good old google to figure out what or who a grifter is. Suffice it to say that these days I’m constantly imagining people are trying to pull a fast one on me! Still, it’s valentines day – something I had no evidence of in the tiny town of BC all day long – and it was only when I turned on the internet, opened the newspaper (and I’m sorry to say it was The Hindu filled with cover page ads)  this evening that I was faced with an onslaught of the season of lurrve…So, in keeping with the theme, here’s a little poetry from visit to Kumbia village today, (of course with plenty of poetic licence! )

Beautiful black, almost green & blue
Her feathers ruffled in many a hue
A crown of red and yellow feet
This was the hen that I did meet.

Shes crouched in a corner on the ground
The clucking around her the only sound
She sat in the shade. Around her, her chicks
were nibbling at little beetles, food grains and ticks.

But suddenly the winds came
The sun played her game
Hiding behind clouds dark, insane,
Filled with moisture, heavy with rain.

Fat raindrops fell splashing
Her chicks they went dashing
Helter skelter they rushed
To escape the winds gusts.

Mother hen shook her head
‘Listen here’ it seemed she said
‘It’s only the weather’
She ruffled her feather (s).

She spread out her wings
Over the confused little things
And gathered then under
Safe from the thunder.

The glistening drops
Soon came to a stop
And out came the chicks
Back to clambering on bricks.

They scampered around
Pecking at the ground
Mama hen went back
To scratching at a sack.

Does she know that today
We celebrate valentine’s day?
Can she read from my face
That I saw love in an unexpected place!?

So as the ages pass
And time moves on so fast
We keep on discovering
Love always around us is hovering.


Comments on: "Love Birds & Sharing" (4)

  1. Tripti Jacob said:

    Hey Shiks,
    AMAZING your knitting is, I say!!! Well done. Teach your godchild when she gets a bit bigger so she can knit me stuff… ha ha! We love Hustle too (…and sharing!!!!)

  2. Wow Shikha, you need to think seriously of doing some more writing. Am very impressed with your knitting skills as well. A

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