Tomato To matter

We have spent the last week engaged in an intensive process called Enquiry By Design. It’s a master planning technique that uses charrettes and workshops to draw dreams onto drawing boards. The idea is to prioritise what matters most and what matters not so much. A good principle in life too!

As I walked home for lunch, R shouted out to me from her garden. “Come and help me pluck tomatoes” she yelled. Tomato translated in Odiya is tomat or tomatar. I helped her harvest the ripest tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes disappeared straight into her mouth (despite my feeble suggestions that they be washed first!). R’s exams are around the corner. Obviously picking tomatoes is far more fun than having to memorize stuff for exams! Here’s to R – may your spelling be(e) easy and your punctuation right. May the things that matter be like juicy red tomatars (and not perhaps like my attempted haiku!)

Blushing tomato

Green stem, sunlight filters through

pale stalk fuzz, yellow flowers

Small hands reach out

pulling firm, tugging hard, fingers grasp

ruby red globes

Nesting in a bamboo basket

the jewels are shared, distributed around

to neighbours and friends

Solving matters of heart and soul

Figuring out what matters

Like the ripening of homegrown tomatar



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