Last week T made brownies. We somehow mixed up the quantities  of flour and sugar. So they turned out super sweet. Not at all a problem in this household fortunately. We had to ration some out for M, who was away, before they were all gobbled up by the troops. pumpkin brownies

But only country bumpkins could have got things so mixed up. To make up for our country bumpkin-ness, T and A bought pumpkin flowers from the market. These beautiful yellow blooms with long stalks looked just right for plonking into a tall glass vase. But D Didi pounced on them and in no time we were eating pumpkin flower pakodas!! I really enjoyed the sweet, delicate flavour, hidden in a spicy batter. Banana flower I’ve cooked and eaten often but pumpkin flower was a first. Take a look at some pics and next time someone’s feeling blue – don’t say it with flowers – try cooking them!


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