Gone to the dogs

Last week, we adopted 2 stray puppies. Their mother had littered 7 at school and S brought home 2 cuties. One looks just like the mother, so we assume the other must look like his dad. They keep us entertained – playing with each other, chasing their tails, chewing on toes (including ours) and sleeping in all kinds of awkward positions. For names we have swung between a range of suggestions from family n friends – like radius-ulna, extension-flexion, pluto-goofy, coffee-decaf, coffee-toffee, chicory-peaberry, whisky-scotch, charm-strange (which are quarks!). We haven’t quite decided yet, though coffee-toffee is winning right now. They answer to anything right now.

Two little brothers whisked away

Far from their family they made their way

Eating, sleeping, they love to play

Two little brothers here to stay!

Two little noses, four bright eyes

Innocent curiocity, bonding ties

Wagging tails, jumping up high

Love comes home in doggie disguise!


Comments on: "Gone to the dogs" (5)

  1. This made me smile. Thanks for writing!

  2. Wow Shikha the poet in you is coming out thanks to the pups!

  3. they look like the cutest trouble makers! I think u should name them Trouble and Double Trouble.!

    • They’re growing up so fast. Exploring more. Coffee likes to lick your toes, and if he’s extra affectionate you get a little nip too! Hope you can see them on your next visit

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