The day the smartphone died

Bye bye Mr iPhone five

Took my mobile to the charger

But the battery was dry

Them good ‘lol kids were drinking

Lime juice with ice

Singing this’ll be the day the smartphone died….

(Yes, yes my sincere apologies to Don McLean).

Thanks to A and P visiting, we have three wonderful musketeers at home for a few days. And thanks to them, I spent a lovely day hill climbing, eating pink pasta and ice cream. And I managed to forget that today was the day my smartphone died. No email, no messages, no what’s app, no hotspots and life is sailing along just fine. Possibly with a little more focus and less distraction from a phone buzzing right in the middle of a discussion.  Isn’t it strange that a vibrating mobile with a call or message from someone far away often takes priority over the human being standing right in front of you!

Of course, all technology in my life hasn’t given up the ghost, I still have my sturdy old dumb phone to make calls, and I’m still able to blog! So here are a few images of life from the top of the hill behind our house… green green hills, the mighty Niyamgiri mountain in the distance against a blue blue sky. The yellow paddy fields ready for harvesting and the brown fields of stalks where the harvest is over and rice has been threshed and stored. And a sneak preview of the monster size new hospital buildings coming up here – 43k of new patient care space, with operation theatres, critical care areas, diagnostics and patient consultation spaces.


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