Ibn Battuta caught my fancy when I visited Morocco in 2004. I’d read about him, or rather his travelogues, and later bumped into his accounts in Kozhikode and north Karnataka. His writings are called Rihla, or The Journey, which is a good concise translation. But the Arabic word has a lovely meaning – and this is sums up traveling for me!

Rihla  تحفة النظار في غرائب الأمصار وعجائب الأسفار‎ Tuḥfat an-Nuẓẓār fī Gharāʾib al-Amṣār wa ʿAjāʾib al-Asfār, may be translated as “A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling”

Travel on, travel on…

Islands in the Sun

A Short Walk in the Himalayas

Monsoon in the Mountains


Hampi – The City of Victory

Month in the Mountains


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