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Farsighted vision(ary)

Today I was told about my farsightedness! Usually I’d take this as a compliment to my wonderful planning abilities or efficient management skills. Today however, I was at the Mary Taber Schell campus of CMCH  – so all statements about farsightedness need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Or rather, with a convex lens. Because I got my first pair (or rather pairs) of specs (spectacles and not specifications!). It felt like a sort of coming of age (literally!?) especially since hypermetropia is supposed to hit you in the 40’s and I still have a long way to go. Last week, with much trepidation, I (and my two grandmothers, uncle, father and friend) visited the ophthalmologist. Incidentally, he’s hypermetropic too! Optometry, fogging, drops for dilation and slit lamp –  minutes later I was in the optical shop selecting frames. That’s how quick it was. Today I picked up the finished products. Apparently, I’ve used up my accommodating power; or at least my eyes have. So to relax them, the convex lenses act like a magnifying glass. Pretty straightforward stuff actually. But the whole deal of wearing spectacles is far from straightforward.

Wear them all the time

Take them off with both hands

Don’t wipe them dry

They fog up when you drink your morning coffee

Don’t scratch them-don’t sit on them

Don’t get them splashed with splatter from the kitchen

So much helpful advice. Diopters, focal length, IOLs, cilliary muscles, blurred.

Plastic lenses are better than glass

Lenses scratch easily

Frameless ones pinch your nose

Big frames are heavy on your nose

You look strict and stern

You look like a school teacher!

Advice to be taken with a bagful of salt!

All of last week, in anticipation of the new specs, I’ve been much more observant of other peoples glasses. The most exotic were Mr Tharoor’s magnetic clics which seem quite funky (when you are 60 and keep losing them!) Maybe I’ll get a pair of those next time!


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