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Half Century!

We had a mini celebration of sorts on Sunday. It’s J’s birthday this week – and it’s a half century! So M set out to get him a new mobile. He’s mildly luddite, so we dithered between type and touch phones. Bissamcuttack has two mobile shops that we know. Neither is exclusively a mobile shop. One is a ‘kirana’ store, Jyothi’s, who have everything from rice, sugar, dhal, biscuits and surf to mobiles and induction cookers. The other one is a ‘gift shop’, so lots of china-made goods all plastic-y and shiny, and an endless display of models of mobiles. After much deliberation and advice from sundry passers-by, we settled for a simple touch. Next step is to get the luddite to use itI now hear there’s a workshop on “using a touch screen mobile” being conducted on the Bokaro-Alleppy Express!!
Sunday is market day – so the bus stand was crowded. Cabbages, cauliflower, tomatoes – veggies that come from far away. Ridge gourd (thanks to Mahesh, I really like this now. And Dina’s chutney with the skins deserves a post on its own!), brinjals, potol (no clue how that is spelt, but the bongs love it as well) bitter gourd, pumpkins – all fresh and as local as can be. On our way home we got some veggies and lots of limes for Nonsense Girl’s Lemon Puddle Pudding, (which my mom tasted and immediately said – that’s lemony pudding from BF Varghese! All roads lead to Mrs BFV!) B and M from downstairs are home alone for a few days, so after chapel and dinner, they got arty and are some snaps of the end result along with my apology of a limerick!

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There was a bright young man called John
Who never would blow his own horn.
So for him we’ll say
Fifty years ago today
A special, great, fun star was born!

J has been my baby-sitter, clown, mentor, counselor, priest and friend. So what better time to say thanks for letting me be a part of this fun family – and JAM – may the next half-century be twice as sweet!!


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