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Of marriages and market places

The season of weddings is here and we traveled to Bangalore for A&J’s wedding and again for A&M’s marriage. Interestingly both the A’s lived with me in BC in the latter half of 2011! Both weddings were beautiful and much love to the wonderful couples and their fun families. Here are some pics of the Z’s (courtesy NT and her vantage point from the choir stalls)

On our return trip, we stopped at the Madiwala market for veggies. Living in BC makes it almost impossible to walk past any green leafy vegetables without buying a few bunches. So I took a deep breath and took a few photos instead. We didn’t even reach the fruits, coconuts, paper plates and plastics sections of the long rows of shacks parallel to the main road. Of course the traffic and dust all added to the atmosphere (and to the atmospheric pollution!)

So what’s the link between marriage and markets? As my aunt told me she was asked in Kerala – Have you put her on the market yet? She did a double take, what? Who are you talking about? Cattle market? Fish market? It turns out she was being asked if her daughter was available for marriage. So much for modernity, India Shining and Smriti Irani.

But marriages and markets aside, I had a chance encounter which gave me new perspective on my 1.2 Billion fellow Indians and the immensely stratified society that we live in.

After lunch yesterday, a few of the family decided to walk over to JP for a coffee. We sauntered down the road and into the restaurant at JP. Which being a heritage building, has a lovely welcoming notice that ‘Arms and Ammunition are not allowed’. We had 5 pairs of arms between us but they let us in.

The other notices that caught our attention were the ‘so and so weds so and so’ signboards. We could even see one lovely couple posing for their official photographer. We ordered our coffees while the happy couple walked past the restaurant. Suddenly some creaky gears turned in my brain and I put two and two together to get twenty two. “I know that bride” I announced, “she visited us in BC last year!” And yes, of the 1.2 Billion Indians who could have been getting married at JP in Bangalore, this bride turned out to be A’s classmate, an engineer-turned-teacher who had visited us in BC! Small world of only a Billion people?! Or is my social class and status so exclusive that fancy heritage hotels, top universities and institutes of excellence are populated only by my tribe of upper middle class Indians?! Probably is, I’m afraid. Still, I went over and said my hellos and good wishes to the gorgeous┬ábride, wonderstuck at the serendipity of life!

Happy New Year to you all!


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