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Friday the 13th

I’ve had 55 Friday the 13ths in my life so far (oopps! that tells you I’m slowly heading over the hill!) and none of them have been particularly unlucky. Today was the same. In fact, some very lovely things happened. Including being able to come home early to a fully functioning internet connection and write this blog.

It’s extra special, since it’s my 100th blog. It’s taken me a lot of friday the 13ths to get to this century mark, and it feels great to be here! I pulled out my first ever blog from archives (her-story) and read my story about Nature Conspiring. Against me. Today, nature was on my side. We’ve been working on bring out a book of MalKondh Kuvi songs – and today we got our first real draft printed out. J, P, K,S & K were all huddled around my netbook singing out the songs, admiring R&N’s illustrations and generally having a great time. K even danced out a few children’s songs. The printed version we sent up to MrsK with M. Which brings me to the rest of my 100th post – a video/set of photos taken last year around this time of that very same road. It’s gotten marginally better this year but is still just as exciting to be on.

I usually don’t have the bandwidth to upload videos, and keep saving them for when I do. And when I do, I usually never have the time to blog! So to commemorate 100 (years of solitude? I’m tempted to say) here is last years monsoon hit road from Mrsk. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I trust the next 100 posts will slide along more smoothly!


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