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And they were all Yellow

My mother had a post on Topa’s Garden in Liberia. And while she was away, I was incharge (well…sort of) of her garden. And despite the heat, we did pretty well. Yellow was the theme, and here’s what Sara’s garden looked like in May.

Indian Laburnum – never manages to flower at Vishu

Beautiful cactus flower

Thunder Lilies from Hiranpur, Bihar

Afraid I dont know what this one is – Yellow at any rate!

Yellow bougainvillea

Ok – the next two arent really yellow, but maybe yellow stamens count! We also had lots of pink bougainvillea, crown of thorns (which got bleached by the sun), vinka rosia (or as my grandmom calls it – shava knari) and desert rose. By no stretch of the imagination are they yellow.

Spider lilies


All this talk of yellow and white gets me thinking about my teeth, which so far tend more to white than yellow! I had my 3rd molar extracted yesterday – I’m a big chicken, so waited till mother got back from Liberia, so I had moral support while quaking in the dentist’s chair. My horizontal impacted tooth was cut into 3 before it could be pulled out. With all the hype about wizzie extractions, I was all set to figuratively ‘grit my teeth’ through it, but thanks to Rabin achachan, it was fine. I sang scales in my head to distract from the drilling vibrations, thought about all the dentists I’ve ever met and how skilled they are – I would hate having to poke around mouths and teeth all day and it was all done in about half an hour. I felt dizzy in the middle though, and the nurses sweetly gave me glucose water to up my sugar levels. Rabin quickly assured me that I was ‘normal’. How sad – I was gunning for extraordinary! Still, I said goodbye to my tooth, and hopefully not too much wisdom and now the rest of my teeth can stretch out and stop crowding together.


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